About Manaslu Guitar

Manaslu Guitar as we call it The pride of Nepal is the Nepali brand of guitar, ukulele, bag, string and capo. We take pride in introducing the quality products in Nepali music scenario at an absolutely affordable price range.We believe everyone from beginners and hobbyists to the semi-professional artists and performers deserves fine quality musical instruments to unleash their true potential. Manaslu Guitar is the outcome of months of intensive research on the quality products that best suit the young generation. Gorgeously crafted in China, Mansalu is something all Nepalese can be proud of.

Through our brand, we intend to promote Manaslu Himal, which is the natural heritage of Nepal. The word Manaslu itself comes from Manaslu Himal, the eighth highest mountain in the world. Just like the Himal, Manaslu Guitar stands tall. Our instruments symbolize tranquillity and calmness of the Himalayas.

We are committed to bringing positive changes in music playing scenario of Nepal. We have brought fine grade instruments so that youths don’t have to compromise quality over price.