Have you been saving money to buy your first Ukulele? You must be excited to get this instrument on your hands. You must be dreaming of playing your favorite song in front of your friends. 

There are so many different sizes and brands available in the Nepali market. So, choosing your first Ukulele can be difficult.

Here are the six things to consider before buying a Ukulele in Nepal:


The Size of Ukulele

Knowing which size Ukulele is perfect for you is the first thing you need to consider. The available sizes are Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone.

Soprano size 21 inch with 15 Frets is the standard size of a Ukulele and it is popular nowadays in Nepal.

The size of your ukulele can affect the playing capability and tone. If you have a bigger hand, you might go for concert, baritone or tenor size ukulele as they would be comfortable for you to play.


You don’t need to break your bank to buy a ukulele in Nepal. But, it is suggested that you invest a handsome amount of money if you love a good sounding ukulele.

You can get it for around Rs. 2,000. However, price is not everything. You should check out each and every specification like build materials, fret count and many more. The price also depends on the size of the Ukulele. Bigger the size higher will be the price.

In the Nepali Market, you can get Manaslu MUS Soprano Ukulele for Rs. 3,000 and Manaslu MUC Concert EQ Ukulele costs Rs. 5,000. The price of Ukulele in Nepal ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 8,500.

Number of Frets

Number of Frets should be considered while buying a Ukulele. The number of frets varies depending on the model. The Soprano Uke has 12 – 15 Frets.

If you have to choose between 12 and 15 Fret, you definitely would want to go for 15 Frets.

More Frets means more notes and more notes give more options while you play.The Tenor Uke has 15 Frets. Concert Uke has 20 Frets and Baritone Uke has 18 Frets. Learn more about Ukulele in this video:

Machine Head and Accessories

The machine head, also known as Tuning Pegs should be considered while buying a Ukulele.

We all know that the pegs have a significant influence on whether your ukulele stays in tune over extended play or if you’re forced to keep making annoying adjustments.

Proper tuning pegs might be the most important aspect of whether or not you find satisfaction with your instrument. Last but not the least, you might want to consider accessories. A proper bag, a nice pick and a tuner must be thought of before purchasing.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is one of the most important factors to consider. The quality of sound depends on the quality of wood used to make the Top, Back and Side of Ukulele.

Mahogany wood, Spruce and Rosewood are some of the types of wood used to build a ukulele.

The shape of the Ukulele also affects sound quality. A Ukulele with flat back produces quality sound. Other factors like quality of string, upper and lower bridge saddle and bridge wood quality also should be considered when buying a ukulele in Nepal

Warranty on neck (action adjustment)

You should check for the warranty on the neck. The neck of your ukulele might be bent over time. Look for the brands with a minimum of 1 year of warranty on neck.

Manaslu MUS Soprano Ukulele has 1 year warranty on its neck.
Manaslu MUC Concert EQ Ukulele has 1 year warranty on its neck


At the end of the day, it’s all about picking the one that works right for you. If you are a beginner, you might want to go for Soprano size. Have a good time with your Ukulele! If you’re struggling to find the right instrument for you, do not hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be pleased to help you.