Manaslu Acoustic Guitar Strings



Price: Rs 500

Manaslu Acoustic Guitar Strings package comes with 6 strings, fit for regular acoustic guitar greatly. Each string is attached to a holed ball-end for convenient replacement and installation. The brass-wound strings have a warmer tone and long durable prosody of playing. While playing the guitars, the high pitch is clear, the low frequency is elastic, and the main timbre is crisp, lively and sharp. Bright rich tone and long duration make the string set a good choice for practice.

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  • Brand : Manaslu
  • Exterior wire: Brass
  • Inch : 0.010, 0.014, 0.023, 0.030, 0.39, 0.047
  • mm :  0.25,0.35, 0.58, 0.76, 0.99, 1.19