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About Manaslu Guitar

Manaslu Guitar as we call it, The pride of Nepal, is the Nepali brand of guitar, ukulele, bag, string and capo. We take pride in introducing the quality products in Nepali music scenario at an absolutely affordable price range. We believe everyone from beginners and hobbyists to the semi-professional artists and performers deserves fine quality musical instruments to unleash their true potential. Manaslu Guitar is the outcome of months of intensive research on the quality products that best suit the young generation. Gorgeously crafted in China, Mansalu is something all Nepalese can be proud of.

Manaslu Guitar Testimonials


Congratulations Manaslu Guitar. Keep up the good work. Proud to be your side. Best wishes for the future!

Srijan Bikram Gewali

Guitarist, Cobweb

Congratulations Manaslu Guitar. The guitar you made is amazing. Sat down for my first proper play and it’s just genius all the way up the neck. 

Dev Lama

Music Producer, Music Teacher at DLC

I played Manaslu MG5 Semi Acoustic Guitar at my gig in Biratnagar and it did not disappoint me. Bravo!!! Manaslu

Girish Khatiwada


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